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Professional Services

Our life is full of moments that touch us and create memories which we treasure.

These treasured moments are often shared with love ones. They unite us in happiness, in our love and give cause to Celebrate!


My professional services aim to facilitate the creation of a celebration that reflects these treasured life celebrations.

  • Marriage, Commitments, Renewals.

  • Birth Welcome, Naming Days, Family Unions.

  • Finding the Right Words. Vows, Dedications.



Treasure the moments of Life shared with those we love and give us cause to Celebrate!

Marriage. Renewals. Celebrations.


It is a beautiful realisation, when you have found that special someone who you feel you can be truly, deeply and forever bound to for your entire life, shown in a solemn commitment. 


It is true love. A pledge to share your life solely with them in a way not shared with any other.  A true moment to Treasure, sharing your Life and a cause to Celebrate!


If  you are a couple seeking to be married or a couple wishing to renew your vows or you just want to celebrate an occasion, I offer a professional service that will assist you to make your vows to each other in a ceremony which is truly your day, your way.

Birth Welcome, Naming Days, Family Unions.


The addition of a life into a family is a treasured moment.  This time is precious, a sharing of a gift with the future of promise.  I can help you to celebrate in welcoming this new life into yours.


Naming ceremonies unite family and friends in the promise of love and support throughout the life of a child. It is a recognition of the gift of life, strengthens the bonds of family and loved ones in our lives.


The coming together of siblings under the shelter of loving parents to form a new relationship is also an important celebrate in life.


New bonds of love and trust in family can be strengthened in a ceremony that brings together family members in recognition of their value and love within the family as it unites in a new beginning.


I can deliver a personalised celebration that values the life we share in as family.

Your Feelings Voice? The Right Words, Vows, Dedications, Special Occasions.


Do you want to share how you feel, but cannot find the words?


It may be a speech for a special occasion, your vows or a dedication to someone special, whatever the reason; I can help you to discover your Feelings Voice!


Your Feelings Voice is the voice inside you, that is all that you feel and want to say.  Sometimes is not easy to translated these feelings into the right words.


 I can help you find the words, not like those on a Hallmark card, but the words which are uniquely yours, that just say exactly what you feel, what you want to express.

 If you have an upcoming occasion where you need to engage with your Feelings Voice, contact me and I’m sure I will hear it.


Together we can find the right words so you can confidently express yourself.

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